Dakuwaqa’s Garden: Stunning Underwater Dive Footage from Fiji & Tonga

If you are an avid diver then maybe you have heard of Dakuwaqa’s Garden. View this stunning underwater video footage from Fiji and Tonga and experience it for yourself.

For those not familiar, just know that it is a sublime underwater scuba diving experience.

Be in awe as you view gorgeous coral reefs in full colors and a huge variety of marine sea life like you have never seen before.

Dakuwaqa’s Garden

From Fijian mythology, Dakuwaqa is the Fiji Shark God. It is one of the most prolific ancient legends across the many islands in this territory.

He was revered by the fishermen because they believed that the ‘Shark God’ would protect them from the many dangers of the sea.

Present day, the local fishermen will still pour a bowl of yaqona into the sea for Dakuwaqa before they go out for a night of fishing.

Fiji is comprised of more then 300 islands in the South Pacific, and is a country in Oceania. It is famed for beaches lined with palm trees and lagoons with deep blue color. Simply amazing.

Fiji Coral Reefs

The islands are surrounded by world class coral reefs that teem with marine sea life. Many scuba divers certainly have this magical area on their short bucket list as a place to dive and experience at least once in their lifetime.

Fiji Coral Reef - Dakuwaqa's Garden

Dakuwaqa’s Garden: Stunning Underwater Dive Footage from Fiji & Tonga

Take a minute to view and admire the video. It highlights in vibrant color so many different fishes, corals and marine sea life. Many people never get the opportunity to view such natural underwater beauty. See how many different fish species you can identify.

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If you ever get the chance to visit and scuba this renowned South Pacific paradise, make sure you run, not walk to the airport and go.