Eel vs Octopus – Who Will Win?

An epic battle pitting two strange underwater creatures, rages on each day in the oceans around the world. Eel vs octopus, who will win? Hard to say, ‘any given day’ right? But one thing is for sure. You do not want to be caught in the middle of their fight.

This video from NationalGeographic is totally amazing to watch. I know the snorkeler had to be a little nervous, so close to the eel vs octopus battle. The eel was after a little bit of octopus sushi, but the octopus had other plans.

You find yourself snorkeling in shallow water and there is nothing to see here, right? Not so, as this snorkeler in Hawaii found out. The film footage was taken in Hanauma Bay, a popular snorkeling location off the shores of Oahu, HI.

Watch and be amazed as the eel vs octopus battle consumes you.

“Spoiler Alert”: The eel ultimately enjoys one of the octopuses tentacles. No worries. The invertebrate will be able to regrow and regenerate the tentacle as good as new. It is lucky to get away with only losing a tentacle, as the eel was quite a bit larger, with vicious sharp teeth.

Once the octopus was able to wriggle free, it escaped away in a cloud of dark ink. Watch as the eel is swimming around trying to find its prey. The invertebrate has a natural defense mechanism, in that it can release the dark ink and confuse its attackers. Allowing it to escape. This day, it was lucky.

Then See What Happens Next!

The snorkeler thought the excitement was over after the octopus escaped the grasp of the moray eel. Not so fast. Then the large moray eel turned its attention to… yes, the snorkeler. Never make a moray eel mad. It is bound to attack you too.

What is also mind boggling, is that strange marine creatures like these are confronted with extreme survival threats like this everyday. Only through stunning videos and photography, does the rest of the world get a glimpse.

Moray Eels – Facts to Know

There are approximately 200 species spread across 15 genera groups. They slither around a little like snakes, but are actually an elongated fish.

moray eel photo

Eels Flash Wicked Looking Teeth Like Fangs

While they do not necessarily keep this open-mouthed posture as a show of strength or aggression. If you were to see a set of teeth like on this Fangtooth Moray eel, you would probably be just a little nervous. They are very intimidating.

fangtooth moray eel
Image Flickr – Picopato, CC 2.0.

Octopus – We are Always Fascinated

You can always learn something new about this fascinating cephalopod sea creature. The octopus is considered one of the most intelligent of all invertebrates.

large octopus photo

Octopi is in the order Octopoda, a cephalopod mollusc. There are approximately 300 species recognized around the world. Amazingly, they make up about a third of all known cephalopod species.

Octopus photo
Credit: albert kok, CC 3.0

So, Who Wins? Eel vs Octopus?

You know the old saying, “You win some and you lose some”. Well that is certainly true in this age old battle between two of the strangest looking sea life creatures. The next time you are snorkeling or diving around coral heads or other underwater structure, keep your eyes peeled.

You never know what you will see. Or, what will see you.

If you love sea life, then you must admit that we are always amazed at its beauty, wild and ruthless. Just the way it is.