GPS Coordinate Converters


    Trying to modify Latitude and Longitude coordinates can be confusing. That is why good GPS coordinate converters can be useful and indispensable tools.

    Fishermen, divers, outdoors people and recreational travelers sometimes want or need to find, or change a Lat/Lon waypoint to better serve their purposes.

    Listing of GPS Coordinate Converters

    See this listing of free useful conversion tools and resources to help you get the best data points. This is probably not an all encompassing list, but does contain several excellent online tools to help you convert and modify your important waypoints.

    Fishermen, boaters, scuba divers and outdoors people will find these conversion and location tools helpful.

    Geographical coordinate notations for Latitude & Longitude:

    For these ‘free to use’ geolocation tools, you can enter your fishing or diving spots and convert them to different formats. You may want to convert GPS coordinate points to decimal degrees or vice versa. Give them a try.

    • Decimal degrees: dd.ddddd˚
    • Degrees, decimal minutes: dd˚. mm.mmm’
    • Degrees, minutes, seconds: dd˚. mm’ ss.s”
    1. GPS Geoplaner Online – See page here. This is easy to use, and it gives you all three notation formats plus more.
    2. GPS Coordinate Converter w/ Maps and Info: This is also a fun and easy tool to convert your fishing or diving waypoints into other formats. You can also see your chosen location on various map programs instantly.
    3. GeoCheckpointing converter for outdoor locations here. It is an easy tool to use, as well as one of my favorites.
    4. Earth Point – See page here. May be useful for those who like to use Google Earth.

    Learn How to Enter GPS Coordinates into Google Maps

    To find or enter latitude and longitude location points. See this page to learn how to do this on your computer, Android device, iPhone or iPad. Also get formatting tips to make sure you are putting your numbers in correctly.

    I also found this overview that shows both how to enter in, and get waypoint coordinates out from Google Maps. See the page here for a good read.

    Understanding Geographic Coordinate Conversion

    Yes, this is a technical and complicated subject. That is exactly why most of us need an easy to use tool to convert our Lat / Lon coordinate waypoints.

    For a complete breakdown of just about everything you need to know to better understand the Latitude / Longitude conversion process, see the page here.

    Dig in and find the best GPS coordinate converters for your geolocation needs.