How To Convert Loran Numbers to GPS Coordinates


Have some old Loran-C waypoints? Learn how to convert Loran numbers to GPS coordinates. Fishermen and divers can find those old hot spots again.

This video takes you through the process, step by step, on how convert your waypoints into different formats. Switch from Loran C to GPS, Lat/Long Decimal Degrees and more. The narrator shows you how to do these conversions right on your GPS Unit.

So once you learn how to do it, you will be able to convert your readings and bottom numbers for free. The DIY folks may find this useful.

How To Convert Loran Numbers to GPS Coordinates

Many fishermen and scuba divers may have old Lat/Long decimal degrees and Loran-C TDs coordinates that they would love to visit again. I know I do as well. For me, fishing on some of the older reef locations would bring back long-faded memories and maybe even a few fish too.

Give the tips presented by the narrator of the video a try, and see if they work for your secret readings or marks.

Other TD Conversion Resources:

  • An online tool from NOAA to calculate positional data.

More Ways to Convert Loran to GPS Numbers

After doing a little research, I have found some additional resources that may help you in your quest to manage all of your fishing spot readings and diving spots in one manageable set of waypoint numbers. Peruse some of these to learn more.

  1. SeaMarks® by Andren Software Co. Their program lets you better manage all of your favorite hot spots. They also have a conversion service for those that do not want to buy the program.

Once you have converted your Loran C numbers to GPS coordinates, keep in mind that the conversion might not be 100% accurate or perfect. So you may have to hunt around a little to find your marks and the exact reading.

Once you locate your target, you can fine tune your GPS numbers to hone right in on the hot spot.

Why Is It So Difficult to Convert Loran to GPS?

The short and sweet of it is here. But suffice it to say, most modern day GPS Navigation Units allow conversion of Loran-C TDs into various formats. Just know that it will probably not be totally accurate.

For some bottom waypoints, just getting close may be good enough to allow you to ‘dig’ around until you find the right mark.

Give it a try and find those old fishing spot numbers again. Good luck, tight lines and much fun on the water.