Marathon Key FL Fishing Reefs with GPS Numbers


Looking for places to fish in FL? Check out these GPS coordinate numbers for Marathon Key fishing reefs and catch a boat load.

This area of Florida has awesome fishing opportunities for those who seek them out. Many anglers have lifelong memories from spending long days on these grounds.

Experience angling adventures in the Keys that you will remember for a lifetime.

Video: Patch Reef Fishing 2 Miles Offshore from Marathon Key, FL

This is a great way for the whole family to enjoy a great day on the Atlantic waters just off of Marathon Key, Florida. Fishing the many different patch reefs that average 20 feet or so in depth is fantastic.

You will be able to catch many different species of fish and enjoy the wonders of this type of angling.

Marathon Key Fishing Reefs

A fishing reef is a place where marine life congregate and thrive. This area has lots of opportunities for catching small as well as trophy fish species.

You can fish with your favorite methods including, live baits, trolling feathers, trolling ballyhoo rigs, deep water jigging and more.

Video: Marathon Key Florida Dolphin Fishing, Mahi Mahi HD

This is a cool video. These fishermen are catching some awesome dolphin fish, mahi mahi. They trolled ballyhoo lures and tore it up. Everyone was doing the chicken dance with excitement. Great fishing is an everyday occurrence offshore of Marathon Key, FL.

The bright colors of the bull dolphins is amazing. Bright greens, yellows and blues are the trademarks of a lit up mahi mahi, dorado fish.

Fishing Reefs in Marathon Key, Florida

  • Location: 7 mile bridge artificial reef
    GPS Coordinates: LAT: 24 35.802 / LON: 81 09.862
  • Marathon West Hump GPS coordinates 24-25.528 … 80-45.328 … general area ..Depth: 516 ft, approximately 22 miles offshore.
  • Marathon Humps:
    409 Hump GPS Numbers: 24-35.5′ N; 80-35.5′ WLoran: 14064.6; 43311.8Depth: 409 ft
  • Sombrero Reef: Middle Keys 24 37.50, 81 06.50 … 35Ft deep
  • Thunderbolt Wreck: Middle Keys 24 39.48, 80 57.90 … 75-115Ft deep

The Islamorada Hump is located approximately 12 miles from Whale Harbor or Snake Creek Channel (Closer to Tavernier Creek). It sits in approximately 600′ of water and rises to about 400′. GPS 24-48.175′ N, 80-26.674’W

Reef fishing in this area of the Keys brings great opportunity to catch a wide assortment of prime fish specie targets. These include grouper, mackerel, mahi mahi (dorado), snappers, jacks and more.

Match your bait and tackle size to your target species and you will have a blast. If given a choice, try going a sizes lower in tackle size, so you can better enjoy the catch.

  • East Hump MPA: Make sure to know the rules and regulations for this marine protected area before entering.

Fishing out of this middle area of the FL Keys can lead to legendary fishing trips that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Take time out of your busy schedule to experience what others have enjoyed for many years.