USS Mohawk Artificial Reef off Sanibel Island Florida

The USS Mohawk artificial reef is a great addition to the reefs off the coast of Sanibel Island, and Southwest Florida. This area of the Gulf of Mexico has a variety of shipwrecks, reefs and natural bottom structures that are enjoyed by scuba divers and fishermen of all skill levels. The addition of this new artificial structure was much anticipated and will no doubt, be a haven for fish, sea life and marine creatures for many years to come.

Video: Scuba Diving the USS Mohawk Reef Loaded with Bait – Ft Myers, FL

An excellent video showcasing the ship as it lays on the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, in Southwest Florida. The reef is teaming with fish and sea life. The video was taken shortly after the ship was scuttled to the bottom, and it was already loaded with bait fish and goliath grouper.

The USS Mohawk was a WWII Coast Guard  Cutter that was 165 feet in length. After its service in the military, it now rests in approximately 90 feet of water just off the coast of Sanibel Island, FL. The ship reef structure maintains a population of marine life that spans the food chain. Large schools of bait fish, snappers, grouper and other game fish will probably live around the reef.

The GPS coordinates of this fishing and scuba diving spot is 82°43.481’W, 26°33.075’N.

When you first visit the GPS numbers for the underwater structure, be sure to mark those coordinates and then explore around the mark to fine tune your position for the wreck.

Video: Sinking of the USCG USS Mohawk Shipwreck

Due to its proximity to Southwest Florida, this nearshore artificial reef is expected to be a popular dive spot for scuba divers and an excellent fishing spot too. Scuba divers should always practice their safety protocols and make sure to have their diving buddy. Take some awesome photos of fish, snapper, goliath grouper, barracuda and who knows what other types of sea life and marine creatures will come to populate the shipwreck. Spear diving may also be a popular underwater activity at this diving spot, just make sure to follow acceptable practices and local diving rules.

Video: Diving the USS Mohawk Artificial Reef

This super cool video showcases clouds of fishes and huge goliath grouper surrounding the wrecked USS  Mohawk artificial reef. Scuba divers would have a fun time diving this reef.

Fishermen will want to carry along a variety of fishing rods, fishing reels and tackle. Having your light tackle for fun with the small fish, as well as having a 50 pound class rod and reel outfit available should the big ones show up, helps to make the fishing day more fun. You never know what gamefish will show up hungry and ready to bite.

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Enjoy and happy diving!