Wow! Amazing footage of nature in action. See this video of a huge 500 to 600lb blue marlin attacking a 25lb Mahi Mahi dolphin fish (Dorado), in midair. This was filmed aboard the f/v “Fishizzle” in ocean waters off of Los Suenos, Costa Rica.

I have never seen anything like this, and neither had these fishermen.

Just go ahead and set your video screen to maximum size, because you will want to watch this up close. The 500 to 600 pound huge blue marlin repeatedly jacks the 25 pound Mahi Mahi dolphin fish up out of the water and in to midair. It is amazing footage.

Capt. Mark Garry, states on the youtube page that they were “trolling up Sailfish & Dorado” when everything broke loose on the their starboard side.

The huge blue marlin was chasing a very large Mahi Mahi dolphin fish (Dorado) of at least 25 pounds. Then suddenly the dorado (Mahi Mahi), was knocked high up into the air and the blue marlin is in midair trying to capture it in its mouth.

The battle chase continues with multiple jumps by the both fish species.

You will not be able to do anything but simply watch every scene with anticipation as to the fate of the dorado.

Big Time – Big Game Fishing

Los Suenos, Costa Rica is a hot spot for big game fish. Put this fishing destination on your bucket list and make it happen!