Wreck Alley Dive Site – Cooper Island, BVI


The Wreck Alley dive site off the coast of Cooper Island, BVI is a quadruple shipwreck site. The artificial reef scuba diving destination consists of four sunken vessels, and is one of the more popular diving spots in the British Virgin Islands.

The wrecks are located on the South West side of Cooper Island and provide large expanses of blue water to freely cross between structures giving nice views to all.

Wreck Alley Dive Site

GPS Coordinates: (general area)
Latitude: 18 22.158’N, Longitude: 64 30.642’W
Depth: ~ 78 ft to 90 ft

This dive attractive rests on sandy bottom, the sunken ships are located close to the reef wall. The gathering of small ship structure is great for marine life habitat. It supplies the visitors of Cooper Island, BVI an excellent place to scuba dive.

Scuba divers will enjoy the variety of vibrant colored corals and sponges that have grown over the wrecks. There is plenty of fish species to view as well, such as grunts, parrot fish, snappers, moray eels, groupers and more. Given its location, pelagic fishes are also lingering around most of the time.

1. The Marie L

This cargo boat was sunk early 1990’s as an artificial reef. The other vessels were added in later years. Now the underwater area is known as ‘Wreck Alley’.

2. The Pat

Also a tugboat, yet a little smaller than the Marie L. The two boats are situated next to each other.

3. The Beata

Deployed in 2001.

4. The Island Seal

Deployed as a reef in 2009.

Of special note, Wreck Alley is known for a vast area of garden eels along the outer edge of the wrecks. Also too, the large number of stingrays are a nice attraction for divers.

One dive operator – SunChaserScuba.

BVI is home to several reefs that provide excellent wreck diving. If you plan a dive trip to Cooper Island, British Virgin Islands, then consider adding this spot to your list of places to visit. Dive the Marie L, the Pat, the Beata and the Island Sea.