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In Regards to Fishing and Diving Spot Coordinates:

The coordinate information found should NOT be used for navigational purposes. Find appropriate navigational maps from sanctioned sources for navigational aids. Keep in mind that just because a destination point is ahead of you, does NOT mean that you should plot a straight course to the spot. There may be navigational hazards, or no water between you and the point you want to reach.

Always check local rules and regulations before fishing, scuba diving, or harvesting any type of fish, lobster or other sea life. Rules can change over time.

Curated From Public Information Sources:

The coordinates shown on the various pages have been gathered from many public information sources, and most are widely known. It is helpful to have a wide variety of locations presented in one place for ease of access.

Use these numbers at your own risk. While the coordinate numbers are deemed accurate, this website/blog takes no responsibility for inaccurate coordinate numbers. There are many factors that can cause coordinates to not be completely accurate or to change over time, such as but not limited to, variations and differences in the plotter/GPS unit used, hurricanes and storms that can move wreckage and artificial reefs, and many other reasons.

Generally, a good technique is to seek out a spot based on the coordinates used, and when reached, you can then drop down a marker buoy. Then, search the surrounding area to fine tune your location.

Fishing and Scuba Diving are adventure sports. As such you are solely responsible for your own safety.

Proceed at your own risk.

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