Jacksonville Dive Sites


Jacksonville, Florida is a large city with a lot of people who love the outdoors. The area offshore from its beaches is also loaded with great fishing and diving spots. See this listing for some of the best Jacksonville dive sites with GPS coordinate numbers and location information.

Explore natural live bottom ledges and purpose sunk artificial reefs. The wide variety of marine habitat allows for a plentiful bounty of fish species, pelagic fishes, lobsters and other sea life.

Jacksonville Dive Sites – GPS Coordinates

The listing showcases some of the best diving locations in this area, along with latitude and longitude coordinates, and location numbers.

These are assembled from public sources. So, when you locate the structure, fine-tune your waypoints based upon your GPS plotter.

Acosta Bridge Rubble

This is the rubble that once stood over the St. John’s River. It was sunk offshore in 1992. Some people also refer to this dive site as ‘Busey’s Bonanza’.

30° 25.62’N, 81° 08.531’W
Depth: ~ 65 – 75ft

Amberjack Hole
(Tug Monachan, Barge, Culverts and Concrete Boxes)

30° 32.81’N – 81° 03.16’W
Depth: ~75 – 80ft

Anna is a 225 foot freighter, purpose sunk in 1986. The Jacksonville Reef Research Team was instrumental in getting this ship purpose sunk as artificial marine habitat.

30° 27.81’N, 80° 55.975’W
Depth: ~ 95 – 110ft

Blackmar’s Reef

This popular dive site area contains several different purpose sunk ship wrecks including the ‘Super’, ‘Ocean Going Tug’ and the ‘Warwick’.

30° 21.761’N, 80° 50.03’W
30° 21. 733’N, 80° 49.969’W
Depth: ~ 95 – 105ft

Casablanca Wreck – 350′ Ship

30° 17.508’N, 80° 49.317’W
30° 17.482’N, 80° 49.43’W
Depth: ~ 100 – 115ft

Clayton’s Holler

30° 18.690’N, 81° 04.11’W
Depth: ~ 75ft

Coppedge Tug Boat

Lat/Lon: 30° 17.362’N, 80° 57.888’W
Depth” ~ 60 – 80ft

East Fourteen / Gator Bowl Reefs

This bottom area has several different reefs and ledges to explore. The area includes the debris from the Gator Bowl Stadium that was purpose sunk as an artificial reef. One of the big attractors to this bottom structure are the ‘press boxes’ from the stadium. They provide abundant habitat for reef dwelling sea animals and fish species.

30° 23.402’N, 81° 04.921’W
Depth: ~ 75-85ft

Press Boxes Artificial Reef
30° 23.852’N, 81° 03.565’W
30° 23.842’N, 81° 03.333’W
Depth: ~ 80ft

Ledge Reef – Live Bottom

30° 23.855’N, 81° 03.932’W
Depth: ~ 80ft

Gulf America Ship Wreck

Lat/Lon Coordinates: 30° 16.672’N, 81° 13.63’W
Depth: ~ 60ft

Hudgins – 150-foot Freighter

Lat/Lon: 30° 22.368’N, 80° 53.965’W
Depth: ~ 90 – 100ft

Montgomery’s Reef

Lat/Lon: 30° 26.79’N, 81° 13.200’W
Depth: ~ 60 – 65ft

Natural Ledges – Live Bottom Structure

Here are two natural bottom areas to explore. They are in close proximity to one another.

Lat/Lon: 30° 20.98’N, 81° 10.962’W
30° 20.629’N, 81° 11.410’W
Depth: ~ 70ft

Nine Mile Reef

This area contains a variety of ship wrecks, including the Asphalt Barge, Vic’s Barge, fishing boat, and a steamer tug.

30° 23.541’N, 81° 10.18’W

Asphalt Barge: 30° 23.534’N, 81° 10.264’W
Depth: ~ 65 – 75ft

Paul Mains Reef – Steel Barge

Lat/Lon: 30° 20.321’N, 81° 11.79’W
30° 19.861’N, 81° 11.02’W
Depth: ~ 65-70ft

Banana Pogey Boats – Steel Vessels

Lat/Lon: 30° 20.21’N, 81° 11.152’W
Depth: ~ 70ft

Rabbit’s Lair

30° 31.45’N, 81° 10.35’W
Depth:~ 65 – 70ft

These are certainly representative of the best Jacksonville dive sites. The waypoints listed here is only a small number of possibilities available to you.

Many of the dive sites listed, are really areas of congregated purpose sunk wrecks consisting of ships, boats, airplanes, concrete pipes and other reef materials.

As you find your favorite areas, map out a series of latitude and longitude GPS waypoints for your special places.

Discover and explore the tremendous marine life that these natural ledges and artificial reef habitats support.