How to Rig a Swimming Ballyhoo for a Circle Hook

Learn how to simply rig a swimming ballyhoo for a circle hook. If your bait does not swim naturally, your fishing success suffers. Increase your chances of a great day of fishing by learning from these tips and techniques.

Watch this video and catch more fish using this technique. A rigged ballyhoo is a staple bait in certain areas. So, make sure you are putting the best baits in the water.

Video: Simple Ballyhoo Rig for a Circle Hook: IGFA School of Sportfishing

The materials needed to make your very own swimming ballyhoo include leader material, 18-inch double line loop created with floss, 1/2 oz egg sinker, scissors, circle hook and fresh ballyhoo.

The tutorial states that the rigging technique’s advantage allows you to easily pre-make and stack your baits in a bait-box or cooler for quick access and change outs.

Video: Rigging a Weighted Circle Hook Ballyhoo

Captain Dan Kipnis shows us a fast and easy way to rig a weighted circle hook ballyhoo setup for trolling. He says that it is very easy to do, and all fishermen should use circle hooks when billfishing.

Capt. Dan maintains that you will increase and improve your billfish hookup ratio.

This tried and proven technique also helps with the releasability of the fish you catch. A ‘no fuss’, circle hook trolling rig.

How to Rig a Swimming Ballyhoo for a Circle Hook

Many top fishermen feel that this type of circle hook rig is a better setup for the conservation minded. It also provides a simple method that gives you an extended running time before your bait washes out.

You will also be able to quickly change out spent baits to always have a fresh presentation.

Circle hooks are often recommended or required for fishing tournaments. So, it is a good idea to learn how to best deal with these rigs.

Circle hooks have been proven to minimize or avoid deep hooked fish. This improves survival rates of released fish.

Hopefully these expert tips will help you learn how to successfully setup this type of billfish trolling rigs. A natural bait presentation will usually out fish a strictly artificial lure.

Give these techniques a try and see if it helps improve your hook up, catch and release ration.