Destin Offshore Kayak Fishing (with Videos and Photos)


Talk about light tackle angling fun. Destin offshore kayak fishing is a great way to catch fish and test your skills in a more extreme environment. This type of setup allows you to work a fairly large area, both inshore and offshore.

Video: Offshore Kayak Fishing Destin Florida, Hobie, GoPro
This is a must watch fishing video. These guys are setup right. You can tell that proper equipment and safety gear is a priority. Fishing from their tricked out Hobie Kayaks and filming with GoPro cameras, they captured a great day of fishing on film for everyone to enjoy.

Watch as they begin the day catching little blue runners for live bait. Then as they ease out to a little reef, what looks like a mile or two offshore, the real fun begins. The kayak fishermen are consistently bending quality spinning rods with big fish.

Giving their tackle a workout is what it is all about.

The underwater scenes with GoPro are amazing. The big fish they catch include amberjack, sharks, tuna, black snapper and red snapper. Wow!

Destin Offshore Kayak Fishing

Greater Amberjack

This greater amberjack is quite a fierce fighter. Hook one on light fishing tackle and you have a real challenge on your hands. This fish species likes to hang out above wrecks and reefs upward in the water column.

They will bite on just about anything including cut bait, live bait and artificial lures.

Fish on!

Video: Destin Florida Inshore Kayak Fishing, How & Where

This fisherman shows four places where you goes to catch fish when he is in the area for a kayak fishing trip. He has used a Google Earth photo to show you details about where he fishes, and what he typically catches. He also talks about the tackle and baits that he uses.

Some of the fish species to expect to catch include spanish mackerel, ladyfish, flounder, redfish and more. When not using cut or live bait, he likes to use Yo-zuri lures, specifically the Yo-zuri S saltwater shallow diver artificial lure, 4 inch and 6 inch sizes. He also likes the Crocodile Spoon which can certainly be a productive lure.

Another mention, which is also one of my favorite lure setups is the D.O.A shrimp and bobber combo.

Another must have lure for your tackle box is the Johnson’s gold spoon. It is a sure fire fish catcher.

Kayak Saltwater fishing

The silhouette of this lone fishermen rowing his kayak back to the ramp after a long day of saltwater fishing. How awesome is that? Don’t you wish that was you?

When you have the time in Destin, Florida, try fishing from a kayak either inshore or offshore for a great day. But make sure to stay safe and not venture out to far by yourself. Have fun!