The Kraken Reef off Galveston, TX


Fewer things conjure the imagination more than mythical beasts. Well, now their is ‘The Kraken Reef’ off of the coast of Galveston, TX. Fishermen and scuba divers alike will want to explore the bounty from this artificial reef shipwreck.

The sinking of the 371 ft cargo vessel was handled by the TPWD, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. The TPWD artificial reef program sunk the ship in January of 2017.

The ship was purpose-sunk approximately 67 miles off the coast of Galveston, Texas. It is sure to become a ‘go-to’ premiere scuba diving destination.

(GPS coordinates and latitude / longitude location waypoints follow at end of article.)

Adding artificial reef structure such as this purpose-sunk ship wreck is a benefit to the local area economies and recreational fishery.

Fishermen and scuba divers alike will be able to enjoy a marine-rich environment of fishes, corals and sea life that enhances everything around it. It should improve the overall habitat.

The Gulf of Mexico bottom off the coast of Texas, does not have an over abundance of natural structure to attract fish and other sea life.

So, fishermen and divers will relish this artificial reef for the many marine species and migratory sea life it will attract.

As the purpose-sunk shipwreck blends into the seafloor, it will accumulate corals, sea fans, crustaceans, pelagic fishes and many other fish species.

Don’t be surprised to see huge grouper, red snapper, amberjacks, mackerel, barracudas, trigger fish, sharks, dolphin (mahi-mahi) and more.

The MV Kraken Reef GPS Coordinates

Purpose-Sunk Ship Wreck Location – Latitude / Longitude

(DMS) [dd° mm’ ss.s” ] 28° 26’38.0 N, 94° 17’10.1 W

(DMM) [dd° mm.mmm’ ] 28 26.634 N, 94 17.168 W

(DD) [dd.ddddd°] 28.44390, -94.28613

Depth: ~ 140 feet deep

This is a great addition to the Texas artificial reef system and for the Gulf Coast.

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If you get the opportunity, visit the great state of Texas and go fishing or diving on this magnificent purpose-sunk shipwreck.