Fantastico Shipwreck

The Fantastico was a 200 foot Honduran freighter ship that sank in the Gulf of Mexico in March of 1993. The location is approximately 50 miles off the west coast of Fort Myers, Florida. The artificial structure rests on her starboard side in about 105 ft. to 115 ft. of water and is home to an abundant assortment of fish and marine life. It is a great place to fish or dive.

Video: Fantastico Wreck Dive  

Fantastico Wreck GPS Coordinates:
26 17.784N, 82 49.881W
26 17.775’N, 82 50.082’W

• Lee County Florida Fishing Spots

The video gives a great view of the dive at this semi deep-water ship wreck in the Gulf of Mexico. Ass the divers are working their way down to the bottom you see them swimming with a large school of fish that include amberjacks and sharks. At the bottom you see the ship structure as well as goliath grouper and black grouper. Mixed in are schools of snapper and other reef fish. There are some large goliath grouper inside that structure. It appears to be an exciting dive. The water clarity allowed the scuba divers to see fairly well. They also used their spearguns to target some of the keeper grouper and snapper that are plentiful around the sunken ship structure.

As the divers enter into the ship’s hull and artificial reef area, you will see large schools of snapper and other fish species. Wish I was there fishing for them. Be sure to view this awesome video.

Video: Diving the Fantastico Shipwreck During St. Pete Open, Watch in HD

Wonderful blue waters and loads of fish make this an awesome video to watch. You will see the scuba diver miss his opportunity to spear a good size cobia. He even remarks it was “a rookie mistake”. Watch out for the huge goliath grouper, they can be scary when you get close to them underwater. Looks like a very fun dive.

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